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Cedarmont Farms



Project Brief

First thing we had to do was remove the Privet hedge along the Patio without tearing up the pavers. We slowly removed them carefully with my Kubota tractor front end loader and not a Skid steer which would have torn the yard up , as we removed the hedge along the patio we encountered a 4 inch drain pipe that came from under the patio. This drain pipe was full of roots and shingle debris from over the years. The homeowner and i discussed what to do with this situation and best remedy the problem . We had a sitting wall to build on top of a ADS perforated pipe ,so we cut the black pipe as far as we could and used a coupling to attach schedule 40 4 inch pipe and run it out to an emitter we installed to drain the water away from the new sitting wall and Boxwood bed. Then we installed landscape fabric and brought in Block Fines and compacted the base before installing the wall material.

The wall material was a 3 piece sectional material Large Medium and small . We removed the bottom lips on each course and the first course was installed perfectly level and was positioned next to the patio. The material was inches thick and we installed 2 course with a Capstone on top . We applied a concrete adhesive on each course including the Caps . Because the wall had a curve and had to be next to the Patio the Capstones had to be Cut and measured precise to fit using a circular saw with a masonry carbide blade . This took some time and had to be perfect . The finishing touch was a bed with Boxwoods planted to soften and enhance the beauty of the Sitting Wall. We brought in my Special blend of Compost called whistling Cove Compost aka scott’s gold . Name change to not benefit scotts brand . Then we applied Treflan and mulch . Also , we applied a material called Next Gell Granite Color between patio and Sitting Wall that acts as a mortar joint finishing the aesthetic appearance. At last Job finished and a Very Happy Client. IOn the front of the house was a area that had erosion problems and we laid a 2-3 inch east tennessee rock to fix that issue and installed a brown pebble dry creek bed in the back yard. Our client had a rotten rail on her deck and wood cap so knowing we could take care of that we replaced it with a treated board that i sanded on each side and attached with deck screws not nails. The client repainted new wood and was extremely happy.