The Waterfall Job Is in Brentwood in the Hampton Reserve Subdivision. I was contacted by the Contractor months prior to starting the job. We had discussed many options before deciding on what we built. We had computer Generated pictures That I along with my Landscape Architect who lives in Atlanta provided proofs of what we could build. Thanks to her we had the ability to show numerous options. The Owner talked to other pond and waterfall contractors before deciding on us. When we were told the owner wanted Powers Landscaping At Whistling Cove to be the sole Builder we knew our reputation had awarded us this job.

We started this project in early June and finished the job in August 2008.As you can tell we had a very limited area in which to work. We had to bring pallets of stone one at a time around the back of the house with only an access that my Bobcat and Tractor could barely fit through. The first step was to build the step ladder out of huge boulders that the pools and waterfall would come from. Then we had to landscape the top of the waterfall because of limited space.We also installed Landscape lighting for Planting and The Waterfall along with Main pool. After we built the stone step ladder and pools we then installed the carpet for protecting the huge Liner we had to install. After installing Liner we then had to face all the liner with other stone. We manually had to put in place, We also had to run our supply line for the pools and waterfall along with our landscape lighting wires as we were progressing along. After facing all the liner we then had to install the Skimmer which housed the Massive pump and two U.V Clarifiers that keep water clear in the summer. The overall size of this project was 26 feet wide by 38 feet tall. The waterfall cascades down approximately 16 feet . We used a total of 67.5 tons of Stone for this water feature. The wall on both sides of waterfall are out of the same stone we used for waterfall.

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