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  • Scott is a Certified Master Gardener with 45 years of experience.
  • Scott delivered a lecture on Landscaping at the last Bloom 'n' Garden show in Franklin. His talk covered hands on experience, showing how to construct a beautiful stone column, how to make a beautiful planter to accent the top of the column, and the importance of structure in landscaping.

Does your garden group or club need a speaker?

Scott is an avid speaker, passionate about gardening and landscaping, and would love to share his years of knowledge and experience with you. If you'd like a local expert to deliver a talk at your next meeting, contact Scott Powers! He can tailor his talk to your group's specific needs, too. Some recent talks include:

  • Triune Garden Club: How to Make Your Lawn the Envy of Your Neighbor.
  • Williamson County Newcomers: Container Water Gardens.
  • Meadowgreen Garden Club: Paver Patios and Landscape Lighting.
  • Polk Place Garden Club: Proper Pruning of Plants in the Landscape.
  • Willow Springs Garden Club: How to Plant a Beautiful Patio Planter, and Selecting Proper Plants for Sun versus Shade.

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