Scott's Place! Take a moment to look through Scott's meticulous and beautiful work, and think what he could do for YOUR place!

New! Day Night
Day Night

Listen to Scott's own words as he describes the work he did:

The lantern is in a berm I created at our home with landscape stone column and a flagstone cap on top. The berm is outlined on the house side with Highland Stone as a border stone, and has a cap stone on top.

I planted the berm with 2 Green Mile magnolias,1 sester blue spruce, 5 Green Giant arborvitaes, and 1 Plum Passion Korean Maple. The column will have a concrete statue on it soon.

The statue of St Francis was given to me by a client years ago, and I always wanted to put it in a very special place. So, when a pine tree died, I cut it down, leaving a stump. It looks like a wood column. I installed a metal rod inside that anchors it and keeps it from blowing over. Then I put LED lights on it and also have some on two Green Giant arborvitaes that are in the same berm!

At the entrance of our house I installed LED lights on the fence and posts . There is a light pole on which Installed a fixture shining down on an Emperor Japanese maple at night that shows the branches illuminated.

The Eiffel Tower was a present I gave my wife years ago, and she wanted it placed in the landscaping as well. So I built a stone column and ran 3 LED lights to it. It looks great at night!

I also installed the planters in front of our house, and wanted them lit at night, too. They have 2 LED lights: one on front shining up and one in back shining up. It looks beautiful winter and summer. I sent some pictures of 2 pink mandeveillas planted in them. One daytime and one night.

We have a large maple tree pre-Civil War era that I put 2 LED lights on shining up. What's remarkable is you can see a face!! Makes for interesting conversation when sitting on the front porch.

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Paver pad. Couldn't YOU use one of these?

New! Before After
Before After

The paver pad was done for a client in Tollgate Subdivision. The lady of the house wanted a place to put her outdoor bar on. That same client wanted a splash of color in front of the house so we installed Marc Anthony Liriope. Then in the back they wanted color in front of the white fence so we brought in my Scotts Gold Compost and created a berm before installing a tree form crepe myrtle and Kaleidescope abelias and pyramidal hollies with new guinea impatiens. Looks great. After we finished she showcased her home to the neighbors.

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Front yard makeover. Looks great!

New! Before After
Before After

The other before and after job was one in Franklin we did for a client that had a bed in front of her house that was overgrown. She needed my help. We removed nearly everything. We brought in my compost and created a berm with it and installed 5 Emerald Arborvitaes, 2 large English Laurels, and constructed a bench with flagstone on top and a stone winding pathway. Looks beautiful! She was very happy!!

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Before After
Before After
The pictures of this project are from beginning to completion. What we had to do was to erect this structure on uneven Ground. First we had to construct and pour a concrete footing Pier Column. Four of these are 16 x 16 inches and had to be Level to support the main 4 post columns for the Pergola. after we did these we wrapped them with cultured stone to match Flagstone Patio. The Pergola has on one side a bench seat for seating and a Bar on the other side for partying. To support both of these we had to construct another pier column for extra strength to support the weight. Also, the roof has Fiberglass so you can enjoy not getting wet when under it! Because of Privacy issues we first put up the Wood Panel Fence for Client to have some much needed Privacy. All applications matched in color and fits well into the Area Shown!  Also put together wooden cooler that matched the Pergola for keeping Beverages Cold. 
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New! Before After
Before After
These pictures are of a project we did for a Client in Battlewood subdivision. We outlined the walkway first with Old Brick and then applied a layer of block fines for a base before laying square stones for this walkway leading to a wooded Pergola. We brushed a material in the cracks to form a hard bond like cement. The finished project turned out Beautiful and the Client loved it!!! Have a look at Scott's handiwork.

York Residence

New! Before After
Before After

They remodeled a home down the road from our house and wanted Powers Landscaping at Whistling Cove do the Landscaping to the front. They are very pleased and plan to do more projects with us! Have a look at Scott's handiwork.

Greg and Chris Smith's Ongoing Maintenance

Powers Landscaping began work on the Smith's home six years ago. As with all high-quality projects, this one has required periodic maintenance to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was finished. The main job this time was to add some fresh mulch. The dark, rich color makes the colors of the plantings and sidewalk pop out, and keeps heads turning as people admire the Smith's home. The Smiths know the value of maintenance, and want you to know that, too. In addition to the new mulch, Powers installed a deer-proof fence to protect the Smith's new fruit trees. Have a look at Scott's handiwork.

Before After
Before After

Neal and Susan Ramsey's Retaining Wall

The Ramsey's exterior was transformed from a slope held up by railroad ties to a beautiful block retaining wall complemented by a lovely staircase. This was an extensive makeover that required 24 tons of gravel behind the new wall to help stabilize the slope, and took most of a month to complete. The Ramseys were thrilled by the completed job, and said that it exceeded their expectations. Have a look, and I think you'll agree!

Before After
Before After

Susan Byrd's Paver Patio

The Byrd family is getting a lot more use from the area behind their house with their new paver patio. Here are some before and after shots.

Christy Flanagan's Landscaping Makeover

Christy Flanagan's brick home was beautiful, but look at it after Scott worked his magic!

Kirkpatrick House Landscaping

The Kirkpatrick Family liked what Scott did for them so much, they invited him back to do more landscaping. See what we mean here.


Edwards Grove Church Sign Gets New Landscaping

Edwards Grove Church is an antebellum structure in College Grove, TN. The ladies of the church contacted me for my input on some landscape ideas for the sign. After looking at the elevation of the sign and noticing the slope of the property, I came up with a landscape drawing that accomplished two things:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Making the sign look like it had been on the property for a while.
Since I have been in the community for 24 years, I felt honored to be asked to landscape the sign and give all who attend the church something they would enjoy for a long time. We installed brick pavers at the base of the sign. Church members have the opportunity to put family names on these pavers. We want to say "Thanks!" to Edwards Grove Church and all of its members for giving us the opportunity to landscape the sign.


Church sign



Waterfall Transformed into a Bird-friendly Bubbler

We disassembled a waterfall feature, installed by a different company, and installed a Beautiful Bubbler, which our client and I both agreed was a very good touch to her back yard. Our client was delighted as she watched birds come immediately to the Bubbler for water and a bath. Here's a gallery of images.

Log Cabin Makeover

A two-story log cabin gets new plantings and new grass, courtesy of Scott and company. Here's a gallery of images.

Downtown Franklin House Gets a Landscape Facelift

Out with the old, in with the new at this attractive house on a quiet street in Franklin, TN. See how Scott's expert eye for planning and detail has transformed and softened architectural elements with plantings. Here's a gallery of images.

Match the Tool to the Job

Whether he uses a trowel to hand-plant pansies, or one of these monsters to transplant mature trees, Scott gets the job done! See more here.

Take a Look at Scott's Place

Scott wants his own place to look good, and works as hard at making that happen there as he does at your place. Note especially the planted urns. See what we mean here.

Wonderful Waterfall

Scott says, "When we were told the owner wanted Powers Landscaping At Whistling Cove to be the sole Builder we knew our reputation had awarded us this job." Read what else Scott has to say about this project, and see a picture gallery of this wonderful waterfall.

Handsome Cedar Pavilion

This beautiful Cedar Pavilion looks out over Tims Ford Lake. Read more about this project here, and see an image gallery of this truly unique structure that seems to grow out of the earth itself.

Paver Patio With Hot Tub Invites Outdoor Living

The Howard Family asked Scott to create for them a beautiful landscape with a paver patio, plantings, and hot tub. Scott surpassed himself, making an inviting space with a Mediterranean feel for outdoor living. Notice the brown river rock driveway, too! See a gallery of this masterwork here!

Hatcher Family Dairy Store Gets a Patio...and More!

When the Hatcher Family decided to open a Dairy Store, they wanted to offer their customers a gracious outdoor space for relaxing and light dining. They asked Scott to use native stone from their farm to create a patio and a stone retaining wall. See how stone, plants, and wood blend to say, "Welcome to our store!"

Spruce up for Spring!

Scott's long-time customers often ask him to touch up landscaping that he did for them over the years. His craftsmanship and attention to detail inspires that kind of loyalty. Click here to see a before and after "spring cleaning".

Pond, Waterfall, Patio

Homeowner David Salami is justly happy with his new pond, waterfall, and paver patio

"Oxford Circle" Patio

Whether you want beautiful stonework, a decorative pond, or gorgeous plantings, you can call on Scott to do a masterful job.

Lakeside Retaining Wall

This handsome retaining wall lakeside at Tim's' Ford is both attractive and useful.

If you're wondering, "Where are the others that used to be here?", have a look in our archives.

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