Powers Landscaping has been in operation since 1979 as a premier residential and commercial Landscape Contractor in Williamson County and is fully licensed and insured.
We offer the following services for the current season:

  • Expert Lawn Care & Maintenance.
  • Aeration, Over seeding and Fertilization.
  • Lawn Restoration, Topsoil and Grading.
  • Mulch and Compost Delivery.

  • Landscape Design & Installation. Scott "has the eye" to evaluate your unique situation and needs, and to use his experience to create an extraordinary design ... just for you. Unlike many landscape designers, Scott and his crew also install his creations. Instead of subcontracting the installation process, Scott maintains a high level of commitment to seeing the job through.
  • Irrigation Design & Installation. A critical, yet often-overlooked factor, irrigation will keep your investment in grass and plantings safe for years to come.
  • Original copper statuary and night lighting
  • Herb, Perennial and Plant Bed Preparation
  • Decorative Fish/Lily Ponds & Water Features. An active member of a local Koi Fish Club, Scott understands the needs of koi and other ornamental fish, and can create a beautiful environment for the fish and their owners' enjoyment. Scott can transform an otherwise drab pond into an attractive centerpiece for your landscape with the addition of waterfalls, plants, and more.
  • Masonry - Retaining Walls & Walkways. Scott uses unique interlocking tumbled stone to achieve a wonderful European look for walls, columns and walkways. The more traditional look of brick or flagstone is always available. If your tastes run towards a more rustic look, seasoned railroad ties might be the answer.

Call Scott Powers at 615-417-4525 to set up an appointment for consultation.

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