Powers Landscaping Entry Wins First Place
at 2004 Bloom'N Garden Expo

At the first annual Bloom'N Garden Expo in Williamson County, TN, Powers Landscaping's Exhibitor's Entry literally took center stage when it received the First Place Gold Award. A team of three judges proclaimed Powers Landscaping's entry the best out of a field of five at the show. The award was presented by the Williamson County Master Gardener's Association.

Following is a quote from the Franklin, TN, Review Appeal newspaper:

“Powers Landscaping winning is no real surprise,” said Cindy Shapton, president of the WCMGA. “Scott Powers brings 25 years of experience to his landscaping efforts. This year’s exhibit was well planned and well thought out. The copper-lighted statuary was a nice touch and the plants looked like they belonged in the exhibit, not as if they were just placed there,” added Shapton.

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